Program Goals

To provide the students with the basic knowledge to manage the various aspects of tourism industry such as financial, human and physical.

  1. To provide the students with hands on experience in the tourism and events planning as a way to enhance their competencies in the tourism industry market
  2. To provide students with knowledge about cultural diversity and develop cultural sensitivity in an ethical manner
  3. To  undertake research activities in tourism planning development and operations
  4. To skill the students with a range of interpersonal skills such as information technology, oral, written, linguistics. 
  5. To enable the students to plan and manage conventions, meetings and conferences in a professional approach.

During the four year program, the students will gain an insight on the many areas related to tourism and events planning such as marketing, economy and business.  The students will be able to evaluate the importance of the tourism and events management at the multi levels nationally and globally.

Their education takes four years, in which they will:

  1. Develop in-depth knowledge and skills in the fields of hospitality, events management, tour operations and events planning.
  2. Complete research assignment and on-site projects related to tourism planning, operations and developments.
  3. Learn how to work in a safe and ethical manner recognizing the importance of multicultural issues and tourism safety and law.
  4. Study foundation theoretical core subjects such as mathematics, geography, communications, linguistics, economy, business and psychology to enhance the students’ ability of interacting and planning with different parties.
  5. Develop multitasking abilities, prioritization, and important communication skills including communication presentations and report writing