Dr. Roohi Hasan Imtiaz

Assistant Professor

Program Coordinator - BScBA in Human Resource Management


During her professional career, Dr. Roohi Imtiaz has undertaken roles of an educator, academic advisor to students, researcher, HR Program Coordinator and an observant of various shades and colors of human behavior, attitude, and their lives. These have allowed her to develop strong communication skills, investigative and logical competences in dealing with diverse kind of students and people. It has also helped her develop flexible interpersonal skills like presenting, managing and understanding the world by learning through living.


PhD – Management & Administration Sciences with major in Human Resource Management from University of Karachi

PhD-Equivalence Degree in Management & Administrative Sciences, Ministry of Education (MOE) United Arab Emirates

M.S/ M Phil Leading to PhD— (Human Resource Management)

Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi

Master’s in administrative sciences - Human Resource Management

Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi

Bachelor of Sciences, University of Karachi



      • Al Falah University (2017 - to date)
      • University of Karachi (2009 – 2016)



      • Human Resource Management
      • Managing Performance
      • Compensation & Benefits Management
      • Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
      • Change Management
      • Planning & Recruitment 
      • Global Human Resource Management
      • Global Business Contacts



      • Member of COBA Council
      • Member of Assessment & Review Committee
      • Member of Advising & Transfer Committee



      • Human resources
      • Change management
      • Financial and socioeconomic aspects and impacts 



      • Mumtaz, R., Bourini,I., Al-Bourini, FA., (2021), Investigating managerial and fairness practices on Employee Turnover Intentions through the mediation of affiliation quality between organisation and employee, International Journal of Management & Decision Making (IJMDM)
      • Mumtaz, R. (2020). Awareness and Perspectives: social media as New Strategic Marketing Approach in Minor Industries; Notion grounded on AIDA Model. Journal of Content Community & Communication, ISSN: 2395-7514 (print), ISSN: 2456-9011(online)
      • Mumtaz, R, Bourini, I. Jahmani, A. Al-Bourini FA. (2019). Investigating the moderation role of supportive leadership behavior on Employee-Perceived Service Quality; European Research on Management and Business Economics, ISSN: 24448834, DOI: 10.1016/j.iedeen.2018.11.001 
      • Imtiaz, R., e.al; (2018), ARE ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATORS CULTIVATING ENTREPRENEURS? ANALYSIS OF TRANSFORMATIONAL ATTRIBUTES; International Journal of Business & Society, Vol. 19, Issue 2, 1-13 ISSN: 15116670



      • Attended and presented research paper (Hidden Truths of Advertising: Unspoken Facts in Making Ethical Diffusion in Pakistan at TESSHI International Conference, Nov 14th &15th 2012, Langkawi, Malaysia.
      • Attended International Research Conference, 17th & 18th July 2013 at Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia
      • Attended & presented research paper in international conference of Women, Education & Entrepreneurship, May 14th & 15th 2014, Paris, France
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