06 Oct 2019




As students, we are required to read thick reference books, journals and other reports that finding the time to read for pleasure is next to impossible. But this should not be the case. There are numerous reasons why you should read more for pleasure and they are as follows:

It improves your vocabulary

I’m not saying that your Science book or your History book could not improve your vocabulary. But when you are reading fiction, you would be able to get the gist of a word’s meaning even if you are unfamiliar with it by context. You would also see how it is properly used in a sentence. Just make sure though to check the dictionary for its meaning and the thesaurus for its synonyms before trying to use it in your daily vernacular. 

It exercises your imagination

Reading fiction specifically of the fantasy genre would open your mind to the extraordinary worlds created by the authors. If you read for pleasure, you could travel to a world with an entrance inside a wardrobe or a magical society concealed among the muggles or to the gods and goddesses’ home by riding the elevator towards the 600th floor of the Empire State Building. Being engaged in a book of make-believe would make us forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

It improves your concentration

When we are lost in a book’s plot, we tune out because our focus is concentrated on what’s happening with our favorite characters. Reading makes us experts in blocking out distractions. A focused mind would be able to accomplish numerous tasks in a day in spite of all the interruptions.

It helps pass the time

Reading is one of those hobbies that is rewarding. It easily cures boredom and it helps pass the time when you are waiting at the doctors or during a long commute. At times, you are even annoyed that you already reached your destination because you still have a few pages left you can’t wait to read.

It stimulates your creativity

Aspiring writers are often told that not only writing daily would improve their skills; they also need to read more. Why? Because reading not only improves your vocabulary, it also stimulates your creativity. Reading books spark inspiration and seeing how these published authors managed to finish their novels, would also motivate them to keep on writing. 

It strengthens bond

We’ve seen movies where the parent reads to their child during bedtime. This is true and it gave them an activity for their quality time. If you are not yet married, reading could still help you strengthen your bond with a friend who also loves to read or a topic of conversation you could share with your parents and siblings during mealtime. 

It could change your life

There are self-help books that could inspire you to turn your life around. But if you are not a fan of these for they might sound preachy, there are fiction books that could still provide you with insights and with lead characters with whom you could totally relate and empathize. 

I’m sure there are a lot more reasons why you should read more. If the above-mentioned reasons are still not enough, know that those who read more live longer. This is a fact and studies prove it. Reading that here may be the kick start you need to read more.