06 Oct 2019




Memes have been circulating saying that studying is a contraction of the words “students dying” and everybody finds it hilarious. It’s funny because it’s true. Anyone who’s been a student could totally relate. Studying is hard and at times boring and trying our patience especially if it is a subject we hate. (Yes, Math I am talking about you. Stop trying to ask me to find your x and ask them y). 

Fortunately, there are several things we could do to make studying more enjoyable. 

Reward System

Need to read several chapters? Implement the reward system! Tell yourself, “I could eat this pizza after I read one chapter.” And do so after you successfully read (and of course understood) the first chapter. Or reward yourself with a 15 minutes break. You get the idea. Just be strict and go back to reading after the break and after eating the pizza. No cheating! Otherwise, you would find yourself with an empty box of pizza and a few more chapters you need to sacrifice your sleeping hours just to read. 

Study outside

Being cooped up inside while studying for a big exam is difficult and might make you more anxious and worried. Bring your reading materials and study outside. The fresh air and the sunshine would make studying more bearable since your mind is more relaxed and it could tolerate the surge of information you need to understand.

Make it more interactive

Studying about Greek mythology? Watch some movies. Need some information about political history? Listen to podcasts. Feeling lost with your Economics subject? Watch a TED talk. Making studying more interactive would make it more entertaining and you would not feel that you are cramming at all. It would also be easier for you to keep hold of everything you learned because your sense of sight and hearing is also at work.  

No to memorization

This might be counterproductive since you wanted to retain as much information as your brain could remember so you could answer the test questions correctly. But, if you only memorize as opposed to understanding, the chances of you forgetting crucial information is very likely. Call your younger brother or sister and explain to them what you are studying. If you manage to explain it to them using words they understand, it means that you understood what you are studying for since you were able to use your own words. 

Invite your classmates for a group study

When you study with your peers the worry that you are lagging behind your studies would recede since you are sharing the same worries with them and you all could do something about it. Are you good in numbers but you have problems with Literature? Study with a classmate who is a bookworm and in turn, help them if numbers are their weakness. 

Studying doesn’t have to be treated as a chore or something you have to do just to get over it. Once you learn how to enjoy it, you would now look forward to quizzes and exams that you would definitely ace.