31 Aug 2016
Advices for New Students!


Subject: Advices for New Students!


The first decision an incoming freshman student in College must think about before choosing a University is to choose a specialization. To quote the philosopher, Plato, “Anyone can master one thing, if he tries to learn a lot, he will not excel in either.” 

Countless options may confuse you but the thing to remember is the decision you will make will affect your life in the long run. Your specialization will determine what you will be doing for the rest of your life and it will either help you or limit your abilities to attain your ambitions and fulfill your dreams.

You might think it is possible for you to change your mind while studying but it may mean a delay in your graduation, decrease in your GPA or additional costs incurred. Not to mention the effort and time you spent studying will be wasted.

Choosing your specialization is not something that should be done half-heartedly. There is no place for error for it’s your future at stake. So think carefully, research and weigh the pros and cons and seek professional advice.