Embodying its role as the link between students and AFU’s administration, the Student Council at Al Falah University in cooperation with Student Affairs, organized "Let's talk", an open meeting for students to voice out their opinions, observations, and inquiries. 

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Samer Abdel-Hadi, the Student Council President from the College of Mass Communication, Salem Al-Adidi, Vice-President of the Student Council, a number of council members and university students attended the meeting.

Dr. Abdel-Hadi started the meeting with a welcoming speech in which he called on all students to strive for knowledge and to build and refine their personalities by participating in extra-curricular activities that the university organizes under the supervision of Student Affairs and the Student Council.

During the meeting, several relevant issues were discussed, such as teaching methods, communication skills between students and university employees, activities and services, and assessment methods.

The Student Council President, Salem Al-Adidi, added that the Council aims to achieve the following:

      • Support various student activities in the scientific, cultural, social, and sports fields.
      • Strengthen the bonds of cooperation between students by motivating them to work together.
      • Follow up on students’ issues and coordinate with the University administration to solve these issues concerning students’ educational process.
      • Refine the students’ personality according to a holistic view that responds to the values ​​of the Arab and Islamic civilization and enhances belonging in the University and UAE.
      • Provide opportunities for positive interaction between students, the University administration, Colleges, and Departments to support the academic process.
      • Emphasis on the importance of investing in University life to prepare for the future with absolute respect for the laws, regulations, and instructions in force, rejecting fanaticism and showing the values ​​of society.

At the end of the meeting, the discussion was opened, and students were given the chance to present their suggestions and ideas for improving the University’s environment.