Reinforcing internal and external professional development activities, the College of Business Administration, presented by its dean, Prof. Panagiotis Kokkalis, and COBA academics have attended a webinar hosted by the Harvard Business Publishing Education titled "The Hybrid Classroom: How to Engage Students to Promote Learning".


Presented by Dr. Alexandra Sedlovskaya, Associate Director at Harvard Business School, the webinar aims to showcase productive methods of engaging students who are attending hybrid classrooms.
According to Dr. Sedlovskaya, students currently -specifically after the pandemic- have more flexibility in attending their classes since they could attend them in person, remotely or watch class recordings on demand.
She also provided some strategies on how to engage the students prior to the start of the course, on the first day of class, and outside of class. 


Dr. Sedlovskaya shared various effective communication skills for academics that are based on a kind and welcoming approach. 
Some examples include: reaching out to students with a welcome email, and responding with a short but personalized reply via emails.
She added that knowing the students’ backgrounds and remembering their names also promote student engagement. 


Concluding the session, Dr. Alexandra Sedlovskaya reminded the participants to be transparent with their students by explaining class norms and expectations. She also suggested offering optional group sessions and holding conductive office hours.