Aligned with the strategic goals of the College of Business Administration, COBA dean and faculty members have attended a webinar by Prof. Michael Roberto, Trustee Professor of Management from Bryant University about “Designing, Engaging Learning Experiences for Undergraduates”, organized by the Harvard Business Publishing Education.


The webinar’s main aim is to reinforce the communicational skills for the academics and highlight the effective methods of transmitting information when teaching graduate and undergraduate students. During the webinar, Prof. Micheal Roberto stated possible considerations that educators should take when teaching undergraduate university students such as hesitation regarding their study fields, poor study strategies that is resulted from uneasy transition from high school to university, and difficulty in comprehending complex college-level work assignments. Additionally, he stated the goal for the educator is to build a conducive, stimulating, and inspiring learning environment for students. 


Prof. Roberto also enumerated the common mistakes that educators commit while designing their course for undergraduate students such as lack of intermediate deliverables, limited opportunity for practice and shortage of active and experiential learning.
He also emphasized on selecting materials that are timely, compelling, and relevant to pique the interests of the students.
Students would also appreciate a clear and detailed schedule of the course on the get-go indicating weekly topics and due dates for assignments and projects. 


He concluded the webinar by encouraging the participants to also perform the role of a mentor to their students by providing support, help, guidance and advice.