In cooperation with the E3melbusiness Academy, Student Affairs at Al Falah University organized a workshop entitled "Work Ethics". The workshop was presented by Ms. Mona Elkasas, Marketing, PR & Accreditation Manager at E3melBusiness. The workshop targeted students expected to graduate during the fall and the summer semesters for the academic year 2020-2021.


At the beginning of the workshop, Ms. Mona Elkasas introduced the meaning of work ethics and its principles and standards, which are the basis for the desired behavior of business personnel, whose members pledge to adhere to them.


During the workshop, Ms. Elkasas discussed the link between adhering to ethical, professional values ​​and improving the employees’ performance. She further added that in order to build an integrity system that effectively prevents corruption and misuse of power for employees, the organization must clearly state a specific code of ethics, and consequently, positively communicate it with its employees.  


Within the framework of building a code of ethics for an organization, Ms. Mona Elkasas highlighted the importance of determining the relationships between individuals, noting that work ethic is one of the reasons for a person's success in his career, and achieving individual and collective happiness. Additionally, it can shape a person’s personality, and influence his/her actions in his personal life.


Concluding the workshop, Ms. Mona Elkasas indicated that work ethics generate a sense of responsibility towards society, and provide the individual with psychological and moral strength with the ability to perform duties effectively and happily.