There is no doubt that studying a master’s degree enhances the CV, increases career opportunities for students, and boosts student’s self-confidence, as he possesses a broader and deeper knowledge in his field of specialization.

Student Affairs, in cooperation with the Intelligent Partners Education Consultant, organized a lecture through the Zoom program entitled "The Importance of Studying a Master's Degree", presented by Mrs. Nehme Abdullah.

Expected to graduate soon, university students attended the workshop, in addition to faculty and administration staff members. Mrs. Nehme discussed the advantages of gaining a master’s degree including developing multidisciplinary skills, adapting to a new culture, and increasing the intellectual and practical knowledge in a particular discipline.  In addition, a master’s degree can increase job opportunities with an adequate financial income.

Furthermore, Mrs. Nehme Abdullah discussed how this degree can help boosts the innovative creative skills, and critical analysis. As a result, the student can impact his/her country positively.  

Mrs. Nehme Abdullah also indicated that the master’s study is the required step to acquire the highest academic degree, which is obtaining a doctorate degree.