Al Falah University in cooperation with Dubai Municipality - Waste Management Department organized an awareness workshop on acceptance and of having a more tolerant attitude towards others. The student Ms. Fatima Alsabousi focused on having a respectful and professional approach when dealing with service providers.

The workshop highlighted the important role of cleaners in actively serving the community and recognized their efforts in keeping the surroundings clean and maintaining the immaculate appearance of Dubai.

The initiative embodies the meaning of tolerance by helping them provide for need of their families and make a decent living. Treating others good, thanking and appreciating their efforts no matter their stature and status reflects on our positive character and disposition.

During the workshop, Ms. Alsabousi stressed that we should be aware of the efforts of other people around us, especially those who make our lives easier. The cleaners’ efforts also save and protects us from any diseases and epidemics that may harm us.