1. Verbal and Written Communication: express beliefs, judgments, and investigation articulately, influentially, and efficiently, exploiting different approaches and methods including presentations within given time restriction and obvious and brief information and business texts.
  2. Management and cooperation ability:  connect in team active and to strive in realization of a general goal. Identify the strengths and weakness of others and engage them to achieve the goals set forth.
  3. Basis Business Knowledge: expand skill sets to incorporate the principal concepts and multi-specialized methods to business decision making, including the major business proficiency accounting, finance, marketing, management, operations, human resource management and technology.
  4. Quantitative and Qualitative Skills: employ quantitative and qualitative methods to thoroughly and methodically represent, evaluate, analyze business situations and problems, interpret results, and recommend meaningful solutions.
  5. Ethical Orientation: Evaluate and identify conditions of ethical and moral problems and concern, understanding appropriate principles of human conduct, effects of various behaviours on others, and ethical codes and standards, in developing personal principles and values for dealing with such issues and situations.


  1. Student will express the skill to communicate in group settings, commenting, raising questions, and otherwise participating correctly in official and informal discussions
  2. Graduates will demonstrate proper group methodologies to lead a team task that results in effective performance
  3. Graduates will analyze unproductive business performs that result from poorly integrated business processes
  4. Graduates will formulate sound proposals for improving integrated business processes
  5. Graduates will implement a systematic method to solving business problems
  6. Graduate will assess the financial statements and documents to support business decisions
  7.  Students will use proper methodologies in collecting and analyzing data relevant to managerial decision-making
  8. Student will demonstrate ability by being able to understand analytical results