Program Goals

Business Administration is a multidisciplinary program comprehending both novelty and creativity components of the Business Administration.  The main goals of the program include the following:

  1. To acquire ample business creation skills, experiences, techniques and methodology to create, manage, and catalyze business enterprises
  2. To undertake innovation, finance and business enterprises to drive the economic growth
  3. To express an understanding of business issues and uncertainties to make effective decisions about promoting existing businesses within and established firm with high degree of confidence
  4. To evaluate business data and the performance of business enterprise using the available tools and technology
  5. To communicate effectively and ethically about business information verbally and in presentation

During the four year program, the students will gain an insight on the many areas related to Business Administration. The students will be able to identify opportunities, develop entrepreneurial competencies, develop enterprising capabilities and gain practical knowledge using advanced technology in order to undertake business practices leadership and management with the required confidence to keep the business under control. During their four year education, the students will:

  1. Develop in-depth knowledge and skills in the fields of, business administration, business, management, accounting, law and marketing
  2. Complete projects and internship in accounting using advanced technology while emphasizing the many possibilities for building new business and promoting existing business within an existing firm
  3. Learn how to work in an ethical manner recognizing the importance of communication, confidence and professionalism of a business entrepreneurial at the national and the global levels
  4. Develop problem-solving abilities and important communication skills.