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Exam Instructions & exams schedule for the spring semester

Dear Students

Kindly check the final exams schedule from 26 April – 11 May 2022 for the spring semester of the academic year 2021-2022.

Exams timetable:


Exam instructions

      • Students attending an examination must bring their AFU ID cards; failure to do so may result in student dismissal from the examination room unless he/she receives permission to enter the examination by filling the Temporary Permit for Attending the Exam form and obtaining the Registrar’s approval.
      • Students will be admitted to the examination room 10 minutes before the time scheduled for the start of the examination. Students will be allowed to enter the examination room up to the first 30 minutes from the start of the examination.  No extra time will be granted to any student for his/her delay.
      • No student shall be allowed to leave the examination room before the half time for the exam period.
      • While students are in the examination rooms, students are required to follow the instructions of the invigilators. Disobedience of such instructions shall be considered a violation of the examination rules and may subject the student to disciplinary action. 
      • If a student disobeys the instructions of invigilators or commits an act of inappropriate behavior while in the examination room, the senior invigilator shall complete the examination incident report form and ask the student to sign the designated part of the form. The student shall be allowed to continue writing the examination. Dismissal from the examination room must be ordered only by the Head of the CEC or his/her delegate.

Instructions for entering the university campus

      • Students from the following categories are allowed to enter the campus and perform the tests in person, provided a negative result for the Covid-19 test (PCR) for a period not exceeding 96 hours; only once during the examination period, as follows:
        •  Students received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination.
        •  Unvaccinated students.
        •  Students who have an official medical exception from receiving the vaccine
      • As for the students who have already received two doses of the vaccination, kindly note that there is no modification or any change to the procedures of entering the Campus of the HEI, NOR they are required for any additional Tests; except those required in the Protocol for the Operation of Educational Institutions - the Ninth Edition. (Checking the temperature before entering the university campus, registering in the Al-Hosn application, filling out a health status declaration Declaration of Health Status - Al Falah University (afu.ac.ae), which includes disclosure in case of contact with people infected with the Coronavirus.

All Students must provide a negative result for the Covid-19 test (PCR) for a period not exceeding 96 hours; only once during the examination period (Green Pass)

Health and safety procedures on campus

Different entrances and exits when entering or leaving the university, maintain the physical distance in exam rooms and in all university facilities, wearing masks all the time inside the university, informing student affairs at the university in cases of Covid 19 or reporting cases sau@afu.ac.ae   0507826904, not paying in cash and using electronic payment options, not entering the campus in case of symptoms of colds, reducing movement inside the building, physical distance (1 meter) between tables in exam rooms, the University sterilizing all tables and chairs in examination rooms, the university provides sterilizers at the entrances to the examination rooms, wearing masks all the time while in the examination room, following up on the different paths of entrances to the examination rooms with their exits, sterilization before handing out examination papers and after delivery, not exchanging tools and pens

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