B.Sc. in Business Administration – Tourism & Events Management 

Tourism and events management is about managing the financial, human and physical aspects of tourism and event planning industry. Tourism and event mangers gain an indispensable knowledge to compete in areas such as public communication and planning which enable them to choose among very attractive opportunities such as tourism managers, event planners, marketing managers, travel account managers and sales, marketing officers and other related industries. These are professional graduates with exciting career opportunities allowing them to participate in promoting the overall economy and enhance the overall quality of human life.

The Overall Program Structure and Curricular Design

The university offers a four-year program inclusive of a preliminary year. During this preliminary year the University provides intensive training in English, the main language of instructing courses. It also provides computer skills that are essential to introduce students to the technological revolution that continually produces fresh information, and help them monitor such breakthroughs on the internet and universities worldwide. The degree is awarded upon successful completion of the Tourism and Events Management Program comprising of 123 credit hours, normally completed in a minimum of three academic years.