Graduate Programs


The College of Business Administration at Al Falah University in Dubai aims to becoming a competitive College and internationally recognized for its competent education, consultancy and research services. The College provides the students with the vision and practical tools to enable them to become distinguished leaders in business, management, human resources, accounting and marketing; some at the undergraduate levels and others at the graduate level. The students are nurtured with intense foundation in both the theoretical and applied aspects of the relevant courses in their specialized program of study. At the graduate level, the students are secured by being exposed to teaching at an advanced level to distinguish them among others in their majors.

The College arms the students with the vision and practical tools that enable them to be privileged in human resources discipline. The students are provided with strong grounding in both the theoretical and applied aspects of marketing and other relevant courses.

The program prepares students for their roles as potential senior managers, while achieving immediate improvement in managerial performance. Being practical in nature, theory is related to practice to provide ‘better solutions’ to business problems and opportunities.

The proposed Master of Business Administration (MBA) is structured to generate graduates that will reveal leadership, skilful application of business principles, and conscientious understanding of the impact of business on society and the environment.

The MBA Program is designed to develop strategic, behavioural, and technical competencies that enable individuals to be superior performers in their business environment. The program focuses on providing educational experiences that prepare students to effectively engage in issues at the intersection of business and society such as ethical business practices, globalization, and technological change.

Pre-MBA Courses

Applicants to the MBA Program are expected to have an appropriate background with demonstrated proficiency in mathematics, economics and various business areas. Prospective MBA students who do not have proficiency in the required foundation areas may enroll as Pre-MBA students while completing the necessary foundation courses.

Course No.

Course Title




Principle of Management




Principle of Accounting




Principle of Economics




Principle of Marketing




Principle of Statistics



 The MBA program has four concentrations:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Marketing
  4. Accounting