Program Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this program the graduate will be able to:


  • PLO 1- Demonstrate communication skills orally and in writing to general and specialized audiences using media and IT tools.
  • PLO 2- Describe the core business disciplines from people, economics, selling and managerial perceptions crucial for administration organizations in complex environment
  • PLO 3- Assess the  organization’s managerial options and decisions making at the tactical and operational altitude
  • PLO 4- Demonstrate in depth knowledge of the standard processes and procedures for recruiting, developing and assessing employee performance


  • PLO 5- Analyze data using various statistical approaches and problem-solving techniques
  • PLO 6- Apply methodological research for critical and irregular administration situations requiring novel solutions
  • PLO 7-Assess and realize practical strategies for different organizations at the international and national levels
  • PLO 8-Evaluate different concepts, types and methodologies and their impact for changing business environment
  • PLO 9-Demonstrate the ability to evaluate HR systems and their impact on employee performance and organizational effectiveness

Autonomy & Responsibility

  • PLO 10- Practice independence at work and study framework to explain problems and design pioneering solutions.

Role in Context

  • PLO 11- Illustrate an effective roles as a team member and a manager in exploiting the organization’s resources to realize business and strategic objectives


  • PLO 12- Appraise the complexity of moral, educational and community suggestions in  an organization’s business practices
  • PLO 13- Display a high level of curiosity and talent to independently gain new knowledge for personal and professional development.