Program Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this program, students will learn and be able to demonstrate:


  • PLO1: A broad and coherent body of knowledge of contemporary economic, socio-political, cultural and technological issues in local and /or global environments.
  • PLO2: Critical understanding of theories and practices in various business disciplines such as accounting, economics, law, strategy, marketing, and management in both local and global contexts.
  • PLO3: In-depth knowledge and understanding of current and new research, methodologies and methods of inquiry, and problem-solving abilities in their core field of study and that of Human Resource Management
  • PLO4: In-depth understanding of managing the various aspects and processes of human resource management such as planning, recruiting, assessing, and training staff.
  • PLO5: Critical understanding of human resource management policies, regulations, and practices in local and international contexts and the impact of these on various stakeholders.


  • PLO6: Apply principles, concepts, theories, and models where appropriate with a view to assessing, evaluating and/or improving business policies and practices generally and in the area of Human Resource Management specifically
  • PLO7: Analyze critically texts, data, assumptions and concepts.
  • PLO8: Identify problems and propose solutions and recommendations based on appropriate use of analytical tools.
  • PLO9: Clear, concise and correct communication skills in written, spoken, and visual forms that explain and critique complex matters to various audiences.

Aspects of Competence
Autonomy and Responsibility

  • PLO10: Working creatively and/or effectively independently as well as part of a team by taking into consideration varying socio-cultural norms and relationships.
  • PLO11: Achieve autonomy in planning and managing the learning process.
  • Role in Context
  • PLO12: Assess, supervise and manage the achievements and outcomes of others and/or self in various projects.
  • PLO13: Accept responsibility, both at an individual and group level, for managing a range of complex and dynamic situations.


  • PLO14: Reflect on experiences gained in different contexts in order to engage in continuous personal development.
  • PLO15: Demonstrate awareness of ethical issues and the growing importance of socially responsible practices in a global business environment.