Program Learning Outcomes 


  • PLO 1- Communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly in the written, spoken, and visual form that fulfills the purpose and meets the needs of the audiences.
  • PLO 2- Develop an understanding of various theories, models and techniques and their applicability in changing business environment
  • PLO 3- Integrate functional knowledge in analyzing and evaluating organization’s management options and decisions making at the strategic and operational level
  • PLO 4- Possess a basic knowledge of computer, accounting, economics, finance, Health, Tourism and the legal environment of business, management and marketing


  • PLO 5- Recognize how ethical decision making and globalization affect organizations
  • PLO 6- Utilize general and management-specific knowledge and skills in the analysis of business and economic problems.
  • PLO 7- Apply these principles to the analysis, planning, implementation and control of Business Management design and operations

Autonomy & Responsibility

  • PLO 8- Define and describe basic principles of management for different size of organizations

Role in Context

  • PLO 9- Analyze and compare the various challenges that impact the management activity with a focus on the international forces 


  • PLO 10- Identify policies and practices in management and Build leadership skills for strategic management
  • PLO 11- Graduates of the Business Administration program who are interested in graduate studies will be prepared to enter graduate institutions.