B.Sc. in Business Administration - Business Administration 

Business administration is the process of managing every aspect of a business in order to maintain its growth or stability, depending on the overall goal of the owner or owners. Most companies have a dedicated group of administrators who work to ensure this takes place. In a rapidly changing economy, new opportunities arise every day for those individuals with specific business administration knowledge and skills.

A bachelor's degree in Business Administration helps to obtain those particular abilities and master the latest methods. The AFU degree program is developed with the help of top business leaders, so the graduates leave with the competencies employers seek. Students will not only be prepared to meet the challenges of a global marketplace in a wide variety of industries, they will hold a Business Administration degree valued by companies nationwide.

The Overall Program Structure and Curricular Design

College of Business offers a four-year program. The Faculty provides intensive training in English, the language of instruction of courses. It also provides computer skills that are essential to introduce students to the technological revolution that continually produces fresh information, and help them monitor such breakthroughs on the internet and universities worldwide.

The degree is awarded upon successful completion of the Business Administration program comprising 123 credit hours, normally completed in a minimum of three academic years. Each semester is composed of 15 weeks excluding the final examination period.