Welcome From the Dean of the College of Business Administration

Welcome to the College of Business Administration (COBA) at Al Falah University. COBA features international faculty members, a diverse student body, flexible class schedules, excellent student support, and is well located in Dubai, the twenty-first Century City of Now.

Whether you wish to prepare for a new job or a promotion in a company, or you are an aspiring entrepreneur, wanting to start your own company, business disciplines are invaluable.

We all live in an intensely competitive regional and global economy. COBA provides the tools needed for you to compete, across the undergraduate majors of Accounting, Finance & Banking, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Health Management and Tourism & Events Management. At the graduate level, COBA offers the Master of Business Administration in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Business Administration.

The faculty members of our College of Business Administration look forward eagerly, to engage you in enjoyable and demanding learning experiences that can significantly transform your competence base. To help achieve this goal, you should take full advantage of the opportunities offered to combine classroom teaching with practical activities, such as relevant field trips, case studies, project reports, computer simulation, and the valuable insights offered by guest speakers.

Whether you are now joining the College of Business Administration for undergraduate or graduate studies, or you are simply contemplating the opportunities available at Al Falah University’s COBA, I offer you a warm welcome, and leave you with the thought that a business education is the passport to a wide range of careers in the fields represented by our curriculum, whether as an entrepreneur or as an effective employee, - in positions that allow you to progress all the way up the corporate ladder to the role of Chief Executive or Chief Operating Officer.

Prof. Khalifa Hmood Jaber
Dean of COBA