B.Sc. in Business Administration – Accounting

Accounting is a driving force to promote the economic growth at the national and global levels in this century. New business creation and job opportunities are the main concern of every organization in today’s highly competitive business market. To promote the economy through entrepreneurial thinking and to catalyze capital formation, it is therefore necessary to promote the accounting education among the younger generation to implement various ways for creation and catalysis. Accounting undergraduate programs are and will continue to be the core subject of education in our highly specialized and competitive environment. Accounting and finance form a very important ingredient in any effective modern organization and are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. The B.Sc. Accounting in AFU is designed to be the stepping stone of the students to a brilliant future. This is achieved by providing them with a high level of knowledge and technical skills which enables them to build their career and future.

The Overall Program Structure and Curricular Design

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Accounting degree is granted to students who successfully complete a minimum of 123 credit hours and all other relevant requirements at AFU. Student will normally complete the program in a minimum of three academic years. Each semester is composed of 15 weeks excluding the final examination period.