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College of Business Administration

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"Al Falah University is a distinguished scientific institution that includes a selection of teaching staff. During my studies, I gained knowledge and skills in the field of business administration. In addition, the university is interested in spreading community awareness through workshops with various government agencies."

Hassan Abdullah Al Khuzaimi

Business Administration

"The opportunity to study at Al Falah University is a way to develop various skills that can be applied within the university and outside its boundaries. The obligation to attend lectures and participate in various activities helps the student to develop various skills."

Latifa Ali Al Balushi

Business Administration

About The College

Al Falah University’s College of Business Administration (COBA) was established in 2015. The University is licensed and COBA’s programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE).
The College of Business Administration offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in six majors: Accounting, Finance & Banking, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Health Management and Tourism & Events Management.
COBA also offers the Master of Business Administration in four majors: Accounting, Human Resource Management, Business Administration and Marketing.

Dean's Message


Welcome to the College of Business Administration (COBA) at Al Falah University. COBA features international faculty members, a diverse student body, flexible class schedules, excellent student support, and is well located in Dubai, the twenty-first Century City of Now.

Dr. Sameer Albarghouthi
Dean of COBA

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